Weird dual end stop behaviour

Hey All,

I have the dual endstop firmware installed and for some reason it’s not working as expected.

Prior to installing belts I tested the dual endstops behaviour and it seemed fine: X1 would stop when it’s limit switch triggered and X2 would keep going until it’s limit was triggered, thus ensuring the bar was square after homing X.

Now that the machine is assembled, I home X and it stops with only one limit switch engaged - it’s not quite square! The whole idea of dual end stops was that it would be square.

Issuing an M19, I get all the values expected. Both Xmin limit switches functioning properly.

What could be the problem?


Are you sure x1 is on the X1 side, and not on the X2 side?

Yeah thanks Ryan, I thought of that, one of the first things I checked. But if they were swapped over, then X1 only would stop when X2’s switch was triggered. X1 and X2 were both stopping when X1’s switch was triggered. It appeared that there may have been an intermittent short, which is possible, because sometimes I have had to fight with wires to get them in.

If it happens again, I will seek to do better analysis: A slow motion video could shed some light, as could a logic trace of the end stop signal lines and the stepper input pulse lines. It’s difficult to get in there because the case I chose has no f-ing space at all.

Anyhow, it seems to be working now. All I changed was the belt tension and the location of one of the stops. There’s a gremlin in there somewhere. Time will tell! Right now it’s beautiful.