Website refresh

This link is good for 2 days…but I will be changing it often. So far I have only worked on the home page.

Suggestions, brutal honesty is good here.

Too red? Boring, missing something. Cruddy pics?

The drop down menu needs a refresh still but I need to make sure the layout works before I commit to it.


Ilike it! And Cheers! to the next 7 years!

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Looks awesome. I noticed a placeholder image in the footer area:

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Yeah I have some footer tweaks to do, as well as social links. Trying to work out changes to the payment bar as well, but I think it has to go, and I replace that picture with my own payment bar to include the crypto.

If the homepage gets the green light from you all, I can work on the shop bundles when it goes live.


Looks Great!!!
I like the image change once you hover the mouse over.
Also, I’m a huge fan of dark color for a website.

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Neat! Thanks for sharing and requesting feedback from folks.

Already considered higher contrasting text color, maybe slightly heavier font weight for the button text? Personally, skinny dark text on the red buttons requires more effort to focus on and read, especially when viewed with beer goggles engaged.


Considered white (or light) text?


Considered links to community/example builds? Dynamic/rotated image or animated content that helps visitors grasp and envision what they’ll be able to build with these machines. Animated lit Zen table could be cool.


Nice! Overall looking pretty good but the top two images look a little strange on a mobile browser in portrait.

Landscape looks better but that’s not my normal browsing orientation.

It may be better to add a little space to separate the header image and the MPCNC.

I haven’t had a chance to see how it looks on my pc. I imagine that looks better than on a mobile browser.


+1 for light/white text on buttons

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Looking good! Couple things I noticed.

When viewing on mobile, the title bar? overlays the cookie popup upon first visit.

Pictures 4/5, but there is only 4.

I know it’s in-progress, just thought I’d point them out if they weren’t on your radar😀

Wow, I do I.t. and did not even find the stuff above. Looks good.

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Agree, great suggestion. Just dug through, and the Button font is tied to the same size as the font above it in your picture. So I made it white, and a touch bigger. It did look bad on another screen I looked at it on last night. I will see how the white does…and do you guys see the new changes with that link or do you need a new link?

Dynamic images slow the site load time down considerably, even if it lazy loads. The other bummer is This theme does not have more than one dynamic option for the home page. Your idea is good though and I would love to have the user galleries linked in some way other than the menu at the top. Let me work on that a bit more. I could cherry pic some images but that can turn into a lot of work and something I would need to schedule to change to keep it fresh.

Now that I type that I might be able to do it by making a new page and adding it as a bar----note to myself mostly.

Good catch, thank you. I did have a different banner up there and it was even worse. Just adding a space will help. Done. As this gets finalized on the desktop side I have to go through it all again with a whole second set of setting for mobile.

I’m not seeing that, unless you mena that thing at the bottom, that is just a notice that this is a preview not the real site. It won’t be there when this is live. Although I have to change the site for some legal privacy stuff that is coming so I assume there will be regional popups, I know California is making one mandatory. PS, I think I have all analytics removed…as much as I hate not knowing anything about the site visitors (where they came in from especially).

That took a second to figure out. I have 5 “blog posts” so as they grow so will that number. The swipe bar will only ever show the newest 4. You have to hit “view all” to see the rest. I don’t see any setting to change that…kinda misleading kinda makes sense.

love it!


Isn’t that only an issue on the first load? It should be faster once the images are cached, right?

I was thinking you could try an animated gif but maybe that would also be on the slow side?

I have one I can try, I will load it up real quick. Not sure if it will work. Should be better than a full vid for sure. How does it look?

Yeah but the first load is a huge score indicator. You might only get one chance.
I will give you an example of one time I got a bit flustered by this. I was at a MRRF and was talking to a prominent figure in this community and was asked something about the site. Of course it was poor overcrowded connection but the site took forever to load. Felt a little amateur hour for me. Since then, I have been careful with plug in’s and flashy things…I could add a video in the last bar on the page so maybe it would not try to load until you scroll all the way down.

I also need to add a red/black mp3dp v4 picture. Hope to take a couple pictures after a few boxes get shipped.

I was thinking I could add some links to the galleries, something like I have the “ask a question” links. Any ideas for fun pictures, or just take some screenshots for those as well.

I like the banner separation as well as the white font on red. It still shows a static banner image so I assume you haven’t changed that yet. Will check back later.

Looks great! At the bottom - Is it worth mentioning that the Forum is the preferred place to troubleshoot and hang out?

That is static. (the LR3 first image). I can put a slideshow there but I am hesitant about that.

Good idea. Something like “preffered method” and “Community lead”, “User supported” or something.

A small thing, the phrase “Jack of all trades” to me has a really negative meaning or a backhanded compliment, which I don’t think fits the LR3.

Snapmaker is the true Jack of all trades that does several things rather poorly.


Okay, I can agree with that. Just delete that sentence or can you think of a substitution?

P.S. I love all the details. Very suprised there are no higher level…“colors suck” of “the layout is boring”. :laughing: