Website Organization Suggestion for Ryan

Suggestion for the website:

Under the LowRider 2 it would be good to put a link to how to wire the controllers. I realized I had to go over to the MPCNC to find the instructions. A link would be good so we have all the things we need for the LR2 available without chasing it. Additionally, you might want to put a section up that has the MPCNC and LR2 separate printable extras like the LCD box, Controller box, etc. It’s a little scattered in the site so trying to find it is time consuming.

Is there anyway to search the forums? I can’t see a way to do this easily.

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I’m assembling my own LR2 right now, and I agree about the build instruction organization.

If you’re on the forum home page ( ), there’s a search box at the in the upper-right corner of the main content area (not the magnifying glass all the way in the upper right).


The one recommendation I would have is to see the cost for taxes and shipping BEFORE going through the checkout. That information should be up front.


You have the information before you pay, what else can I do? You now your countries import tax rate or if you are in California you know our rate. Other than that the cart needs to know your location before any of that happens.


What specifically do you think is/was missing? Being broad doesn’t help me fix it.

You all need to understand I have been doing this a long time. If you do not ask for info, I don’t know you don’t know it. I learn in here everyday, I use that information from all you users to fill in the gaps. Sometimes it is information I just didn’t think to include, or it is information I did not know until someone informed or corrected me. This is the second revision of this machine, There is more information for this one than the last one had for an entire year (which is still up), no one told me they couldn’t figure something out. So just telling me you had a hard time just sucks for me, I let you down and don’t know how to fix it.

LCD? I have that as menu item #3 show for the boards I sell. That page is ugly but it is there now not just in the MPCNC and information pages.

This is also linked by the board or product it goes with. At least my version, but there are hundreds of options on thingiverse. I have to find the right balance of subtle “hey I have something that works, if you like it”, and “you should only do it my way”. Going by the Facebook group they tend to hate all my other items so I don’t link them as often as I used to. Most of them tend to not use my tool mounts either.

The idea behind this is flexibility, use whatever you want, printed parts, hardware, electronics, firmware, software. I provide A way to do things, not the only way to do things.

It does not just know my location before that happens, but also gets my payment info and I just don’t like that. At least I think it will. I couldn’t get the PayPal button to work tonight, but my internet connection sucks. I’ll try again at work tomorrow. But it’s a minor complaint, so don’t put much into it.

That’s pretty common (and slightly annoying) for online stores. Keep in mind though, Ryan designed the machine, but he didn’t write the software for the store. There’s only so much he can change in the settings.

Yep, I understand that. And on those other sites too, if I get to the point of putting in my payment information and I still don’t know what my grand total with shipping is, I typically back out and buy elsewhere. I have a WooCommerce based site and can add tax/shipping before before checkout. But, it’s also very rare that what I ship will need anything larger than a small flat rate priority box. So I only offer several different flat shipping options - 1st Class, Priority, and International. Only International is “calculated” based on location. The weights and sizes of the items involved here probably rule that out. And again, it’s a very minor complaint.

I came from woo commerce. I highly suggest moving as soon as you get the chance. It was neat but my sales seriously jumped and abandoned carts went down the day I moved away from it.

Your issues are coming from what method you choose to checkout with. If you stick with shopify to the end everything is in order with all the charges shown, the amazon, paypal, and crypto “quick” buttons are more vague. You should be able to pay with anything you want but at the end but the quick buttons are different. I am not sure if I can disable them, or if I should. I think most of my sales increase came from the different payment options and what people trust. I still get people that ask to mail me a check, so online sales is still not confidence inspiring to many.