Webcam mounted on EMT

I needed a better way to mount my web cam for timelapses.

I made this thing for mounting a Logitech c920 on some 3/4" EMT (C parts, standard US size).

[attachment file=“65756”]
[attachment file=“65757”]

I also mashed up Ryan’s TopM corner with a bottom corner so that you can stick a piece of EMT vertically in the top of a corner. That one is printing right now, and I’ll publish it later today if it works.

Nice curves.

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Hey Ryan… What’s the difference between the Lock_Corner and LockM_Corner parts?


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Thank you, sir. They looked the same in the thumbnail on Thingiverse

Here’s the TopM corner part. You’ll also need either a Lock_Corner or LockM_Corner.

[attachment file=65767]

Looks nice. IIRC, some old guy coding also made an EMT apparatus behind his desk and made some kind of camera mount. I think his was pointing straight down for unboxing type things.