We need a hardware section...

Ryan, do you think some of these would help quiet the table down?


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You’ve posted in hardware development? HEHEHEHE gotcha.

Those won’t work I think they would just get pushed off. Most of the sound is from the steppers themselves, so if there is noise after the full build I will try out the dampers you suggested. But I think it might be okay after a few extra layers of wood.

Ahh, okay, I was thinking the sound was from the bearings rolling over the pipe. I think the covers would be okay on the doubled up bearings, since the bevel leans into the center of the bearing it would angle with the pipe. If that makes sense. They’re actually pretty hard to put on. I had to use a socket and some quick grip clamps to get the first side in place. They go on my printer bearings so the bearing rides in the extrusion.

I had originally tried one bearing and a printed roller section that fit on the conduit, it sucked and I doubted the longevity of it, an injection molded part might just hold up.

How about some cork gaskets for damping the sound of the motors? I bought some of these from another source several years ago, but never used them. You can find them cheaper from china, but thought I would link a USA source. Just search for"Nema17 Stepper Motor Anti Vibration Cork dampers" on ebay to find other sources.

I think it has something to do with the way the corexy steps. When both steppers are moving it is silent, certain speeds are better than others. It is the only variable that has changed. Same everything on the MP3DP and even more rigid mounts and they are silent.

I just ordered a couple more motor dampers, should be here Thursday. Haven’t really progressed on the table since the last pictures I posted. Have had family, and a convention to go to most of Sept.

Anyone using Cork gaskets as stepper motor dampers?

The polyurethane wheels/bearings and TMC drivers make it basically silent. The largest noise now is the ball cruising through sand. So not a big issue anymore.

I did, but then printed some with TPU. They work better I think. Of course, this is on a 3d printer, not a zen table.