Wax and sawdust

Had a random thought while starting to assemble my LR2…
If I am making saw dust and I have some wax laying around (jewelry hobby), then I should be able to resurface any minor cutting damage to the MDF top I chose.
Just melt a little wax, stir in some dust, and spatula it into place, then a light shave with the edge of a warm metal straight edge.
Yay or Nay?

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Often times in woodworking it’s sawdust and glue or sawdust and whatever finish you’ll be using (shellac, varnish, etc.). The wax and sawdust should work, just don’t get it anywhere you might want to finish in the future.

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That would make for some fancy abstract art after a while!

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FWIW, the common choice is to just ignore the damage to the top layer and replace it when it gets shredded. We call it a waste board or a spoil board for this reason.

Oh I know, just with the high prices right now, was thinking of ways to extend the life.


That’s fair.

Best thing to save it would be to not plunge much below your zero and resurface your spoilboard when needed.