Want to sell my lowrider v3

I live just east of dallas. I have the lowrider v3 2x4 with printed parts and the skr-1.2. i can not get it to operate. i dont think im tech savy enough, so if someone is interested, please contact me $500 obo

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Sorry to hear that. Have you tried posting your issues on the forum? There are a large number of active LR3 users that could help.

If you do decide to sell after all it would probably be a good idea to post a photo or two.

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Ya, a few people tried to help me, but nothing seems to be working. i just got tired of trying to get it to work. it’s 100% on me

I just looked you up, I do not see anything significant. What is the issue you are having? There are many great peeps here, we would welcome whatever it is you need help with.


Hi Jack,

I’d send you a pm but I just made this account for the forum. I may be interested, would you mind sending a pm to discuss?

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The controller powers on, but when i try to get it to do anything, nothing happens. Like i said, im sure it’s me i just can’t seem to figure out the issue, even with others’ help

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I don’t think we have ever had anyone not get running. We can take you through every single step one by one and get you going. We have a ton of user of all abilities.

I am willing to help, 100%


Okay we are trying gain!!! So glad to hear it.

The reply came through email Jackhole, you have to click through and only reply in the forums or only I get the reply, and sometimes it goes straight to trash. So if you are not seeing any replies, make sure to check your thread to see if your reply showed up.

I see you have a few threads, but lets start fresh. Start a new thread somewhere in it tag me by adding, @vicious1, anywhere in it and I will get notified.

I suggest adding a picture and one issue you are having.

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Geez Ryan, don’t be so mean : :joy:

We are looking at you like a pack of dogs at a steak. This kind of challenge brings us to the keyboards.

That said. You don’t owe any of us anything. If you want to sell the LR, we will not judge you for it. We all know how hard it can be when you’re stuck. And only you know how much effort you can apply to the project. And we can only offer advice. As they said on mythbusters, failure is always an option. Priorities change. There are only so many hours in a day.

Something brought you to the decision to build the LR. If that isn’t worth it anymore, then take care of yourself, first. Hopefully it is something simple we can work through to get you rolling.


I felt odd typing that for sure.


I don’t know if it is of any help to you but some 3 years ago i started building an other (very cheap) CNC, just to look if i could. It took me a long time to understand the mechanics/the electronics/the software. At first i couldn’t get it to work properly. After some 2 years of struggle (
“some” weekends) i finally got it working and i was stunned. Then the second problem came up: the location was to close to our washing machine… and dust from the router….also the CNC was not very capable. In the meantime I learned a lot about linux, c , 3d printing, Freecad , electronics etc and now i am building a complete (light wood/metal) shop and an MPCNC in one of our children’s former bedroom, because they went to live on their own. This time is different: i can construct things without a manual.
Hope to give some motivation. Regards Rene


So I just now realized where Jackhole came from, lol. I was astonished to read it, now I realize it is their name, :slight_smile:

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@jcwinter27 is this still available?