Want a 24V power supply with your new hardware kit....Free swap code

Discount code “24V Power Supply Swap”

Add either a MPCNC hardware kit, or a LowRider Hardware kit AND the 24V Power supply to your cart, use the discount code and I will swap them out for free.

I have a limited supply of 24V power supplies. I want to get a few more people using them to assure there are no issues or settings that need to be changed.


Can people with existing LR3 builds also buy just the 24V power supply from you, and directly connect to their build?

Built LR3 using your kit, SKR 1.2 and firmware bundled in my order shipped ~June 11th.

Think yes is the answer from previous related topic, but want to double check…

Am not expecting massive gains, but this seems like an easy relatively cheap upgrade option to tryout.


There are absolutely no gains unless you edit the firmware, and up your rapids really high. It really does not do much. I use my builds for production, and a few mm/s faster on my travels does not do much. I keep things at reasonable speeds for reliability.