Walnut 3d carve

After some practice with pine boards, I dipped my toes on carving in some spare walnut boards I have lying around. The image cut was 13"x8" and almost 1" deep.

I’m using Makita 701C on the LR2 with an Elaire collet for 1/8 shanks.
Rough is 1/4 downcut endmill Feed rate 10mms 50% stepover
Fine is 1/8 ballmill Feed rate 15mms, 10% stepover

and added some shellac.


Very nice detail, have to get a ball mill.


Nice work! And I envy you having spare walnut boards lying around. :grin:

I have a garage full of walnut. For free


This is impressive!!

Love it! How have you learned to do this kind of carving? What would you recommend to a beginner with a LR3? Do you have suggestions how I can transform 2D images of my pet into something 3dish like your results?

Where’d you get the image? I keep looking up the origin of Beef Wellington, but no luck…