Videos of LR3's?

Needs a sound track!


I have recently begun printing parts and can’t wait to start assembly once my hardware kit arrives. I am seriously considering documenting the process with some YouTube videos since I also could find only two so far. This is my first CNC build apart from assembling my MK3 Prusa printer which I’m sure is a way different experience but the closest analogy. I’m sure I will face a steep learning curve and will likely encounter many headaches and hurdles on my journey. Perhaps documenting it would help others along theirs.


Please do! I love videos but really really have a hard time making them myself.


Really appreciate the extensive documentation. There’s a lot details to cover, can be hard to write content that’s accessible for everyone.

Personally got stuck and stumbled in a few places, appreciate this forum helping clarify details, and even let me contribute back some minor doc edits/clarifications.

Will share captured notes, clips and build montage that may help visual learners like my self. Maybe soon, I can smell the crown of victory, it’s close…


That reminds me, now that my LR3 moves about 10x faster, I need to re-do this video…


Some LR3 vids on my channel at:

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10x, that’s awesome. What enhancements did you make or try out? Which would you recommend?

For the most part, I just bumped up the max speeds for travel moves. It doesn’t cut faster, but it can really zip around.

The only real “enhancement” for speed is that it’s running 24V power.


EDIT: This post used to link to a DRAFT version of the Lowrider 3 video I was working on.

Read Videos of LR3's? - #26 by azab2c instead, have included link to final video there.

Hope that helps!


I let loose the max speeds +accelerations and zipped mine around the table too, it was super cool.

I think I’ll be tuning the cutting speeds a bit more when I get to cutting my thin polycarbonate sheets.

It seems like arcs and accelerations will be the thing holding it back, but there will be room for trial and error I guess!

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What an amazing video! I haven’t seen the whole of it, but it’s very comfortable to listen to and the video itself seems well made. This is golden, I would recommend it for all who are considering both the LR3 or any other cnc.


That is really excellent. @vicious1


This is going in the docs for sure, just waiting on the final edit/s. It covers sooooo much, thank you.


Thanks for the kind “shout out” and for making such an awesome video! Great job! I love the video! You also did a great job on your LR3!

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Finished my video. Added content to cover standard and custom struts, cuts and more. Hope this helps folks figuring out whether, and how to build their LowRider 3!

@vicious1, please let me know if I’ve inappropriately, overly misused V1E content.

Feedback appreciated, cheers!

00:00 - Intro and video goals
00:48 - WHAT’s a LowRider CNC for? Answer: Subtractive Manufacturing
01:30 - WHY build a LowRider? Answer: Step up from my baby CNC, right balance of quality and price for me.
02:20 - MPCNC is good, but I want a LowRider 3
02:43 - Pick your own size, or sizes even…
04:51 - Using Controller+TFT case by V1E Community member Doug Joseph
04:55 - Hassle free kits and parts available from, Controllers come with software preloaded.
05:48 - Parts printed, milled and delivered
06:24 - Unboxing V1E LowRider 3 Kit. Woot!
06:28 - Assemble LR3 Core
06:36 - Ream holes, reverse drill helps screws slip in tight
06:54 - Assemble X Drive
07:12 - Mount X Drive
07:15 - Stare at your Core for a bit, it’s so pretty
07:16 - Mount X endstop to Core
07:25 - Assemble Y Steppers
07:51 - Soldered Z endstops, too tight for spade connectors
07:56 - XZ Lead screw stubs. Reverse drill with 13/32 bit
08:02 - Assemble XZ plates
08:24 - Marry XZ to YZ plates
08:34 - Marry XZ to YZ plate rails
08:45 - Mount Z drive to YZ plate
08:55 - Wiring Z endstops, solder
09:03 - Wiring Z endstops, test
09:08 - Assemble Z endstops
09:16 - Mount Z endstops
09:18 - Adjust XZ plate, was binding
09:26 - Mount Z endstops
09:31 - Mount Y Drive
09:42 - Wiring Y endstop, solder
09:50 - Mount Y endstop, wiring routing
09:55 - Wiring routing
09:57 - Mount Y endstop, wiring routing
10:00 - Assemble wheels
10:05 - Mount wheels to YZ plate
10:10 - Assemble and mount Rail Rollers
10:19 - Assemble Beam, strut order… 1) Front, 2) Bottom, 3) Back
    10:21 - mount braces
    10:25 - LR3 Calculator, pipe and table size
    10:28 - Front, loosely insert screws
    10:36 - Bottom, loosely insert screws
    10:41 - Rear, loosely insert screws
    10:51 - Front, check straight, snug clamps
    10:58 - Mount core
    11:00 - Mount YZ plate
11:10 - Assemble X Belt
    11:10 - Insert X Belt
    11:12 - Mount X Belt holder
    11:15 - Check X Belt end not blocking Z axis motion
    11:17 - Mount X belt tensioner
    11:28 - Fix for if X Belt stub is too loose
11:31 - Attach PETG tool mount
11:38 - Attach Vac hose mount
11:40 - Wiring SKR Pro 1.2 Controller
    11:40 - Bend/clip diag driver pin
    11:45 - Change jumpers
    11:48 - Mount drivers
    11:54 - Remove JST shields
    12:03 - TMC2209 driver pinouts
12:05 - Wiring 〉 Route and Sleeve (1/2" wrap)
    12:05 - Left YZ sleeve
    12:15 - Routing right YZ
    12:24 - Extend right YZ, use solder butt connectors
    12:54 - Right YZ, 1/2" sleeve wrap
    12:59 - NOT using cable gland, case holes too small
    13:05 - Extend wires for X axis
    13:16 - Wire X axis, test endstop
    13:23 - Wire X axis routing and 1/2" sleeve
13:46 - X axis, verify range of motion. Router cord blockage
14:06 - Wire X axis, cable management
14:20 - Case wiring, routing power
14:42 - Controller wiring, driver endstops
15:03 - Wiring controller, fans and TFT
15:37 - Build minimum viable Sled. Use LR3 Sled edition to finish LR3!
17:12 - Motion test, FAIL - Y stepper wiring reversed
17:21 - Motion test, SUCCESS - Homed and move as expected
17:28 - Crown Test, SUCCESS, kinda…
17:47 - Struts 〉 Initial squaring
    17:48 - Attach pen to Core
    17:50 - Generate test gcode
    17:51 - Connect via Repetier
    17:53 - FAIL, relative positioning was set :frowning:
    17:54 - Typed gcode for corner moves
    18:02 - Measure squareness
    18:05 - Config homing offsets M666
18:07 - Z Leveling
18:19 - Struts 〉 Design
    Calc size, download files
    Use OpenScad & Estlcam to prepare gcode
18:31 - Struts 〉 First cut ~56mins
    18:31 - Fasten spoilboard and stock
    18:40 - Cut first strut
    18:47 - Post cleanup, too long
18:54 - Struts 〉 Second cut ~42mins
    19:02 - Post cleanup, Remove/trim debris, sand, vac
    19:09 - Paint it black
19:16 - Surfacing Spoilboard
    19:16 - Create toolpath
    19:17 - Cut ~0.5mm in ~61mins
19:25 - Struts 〉 Make custom front strut
    19:25 - OpenScad 〉 Customize, export .SVG
    19:26 - Estlcam 〉 Create and Preview toolpaths
    19:28 - Repetier 〉 Load .gcode
    19:28 - Carve and cut 42mins
19:35 - Struts 〉 Paint 〉 2nd coat, protect via Shellac/Polycrylic
19:37 - Final Assembly - Mount struts to beam
    19:40 - Temporarily disassemble beam
    19:57 - Mount bottom strut
    20:02 - Mount front strut
    20:07 - Mount YZ plates and rear strut
20:17 - Wrap up
    Future upgrades - Table, Vac, drag chain and more…
    Check out
    Thank you! Want to see more?


Fantasitico! Still good with me using this as, THE, LR video for the instructions?


Thank you @vicious1, please use this how ever you want. This is my appreciation of the work you and others have put into this project. The current thumbnail is rubbish, I’ll work on that. I have the original slower realtime footage, happy to upload that if/when folks express that it’ll help clarify some of the build steps. Cheers!


Went nuts on the timestamped indexes. So why not hyberbole the pants out of the thumbnail too :slight_smile:


You did awesome. Amazing video!

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Subscribed. :yum: