VIDEO and DOWNLOAD: LowRider CNC - Jackpot Board - End-Stop Connector Combiner (Make-A-Block Clamp for 2.54 Pin Housing Connectors)


Please watch this quick video which explains the purpose, and shows installation, etc.

Print info:

  • Print as oriented.
  • Prints without supports
  • I used my standard default of 0.3 layer height on a 0.6 mm nozzle. However, a 0.2 or 0.1 layer height (higher quality print) would be fine for a part this small.

Assembly info:

  • On the “Back” part, there is a 1-layer thick sacrifice layer across the holes where they transition from nut capture slots to screw holes. You can remove that layer from the holes by either a hot soldering iron, or a drill bit, or an Xacto knife.
  • To insert the two M3 nuts in the nut capture slots, you can thread a nut onto an M3 x 20mm (or M3 x 16mm) screw, and then hold the screw with needle nose pliers, and either bang on the screw with a hammer to seat the nut, or heat the nut up with a heat gun, and let it melt its way into place, by pressing it with pliers gripping the spare screw. A nut capture slot has to be tight or it won’t do its job.
  • Once the parts are ready to clamp together around the 2.54 mm pin housings, attach them to each other using two M3 x 8mm screws.

The case shown in the video is this one:

Change log

  • November 19, 2023 — Initial v1.0 uploaded.

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STOP making so many beautiful things for the jackpot! I’m going to have to buy one

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That is very clever. Nice add on.

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