Vicious Brand line of Goods

After watching this about Prusa, i think it time to start Vicious brands! You have a bun h of peeps around here to hire! All with the necessary talents! Imagine it! I can!

How bout it @vicious1 ???


What do you have in mind? I like a good v1 logo on things…for sure.

Watch that video, you are already dabbling in everything they are doing!!! Mp3dp v2 is the mk3/4 they sell for 1200, you then have the core xy to compete with the vorons/bambu. I honestly was just thinking you could start a complete line. Not so much the filament, but everything else. You could have it all, printers to the end user ready to rumble. With your boards, your everything! Not prusa, but vicious! Maybe even distributed, not necessarily everything under one roof, but print farms of people yyou know and trust, or assembly, etc! I think you are there, you could do it. Still have the stuff like right now, or dare i say it close it up and have nda’s with your folks and stsrt a whole new line only you produce!


ohhhhh, noooo. That is not appealing to me. I can build a perfect printer and have it destroyed in shipping.

I suppose. IT only makes sense to me if it is different in some way. I can’t really cut prices further so I can’t compete in the race to the bottom, I really just try to offer things that are the best bang for the buck. I don’t mind being the Toyota/Honda of the maker world.


No problem! I just was sure you could produce that printer better for less. That is all.

Smart. Although I’d aim higher than Toyota! :open_mouth:

Prusa has thus far maintained that stance, and this video is a full blown attempt to justify it I think - or at least to convince the market that you get something back by paying more. In this case a ton of research, customer support, quality control and development behind the scenes.

I can’t help but think of Apple 2018 in this argument. The iphone numbers then had Apple with 18% of the market and 87% of the total smart phone market profit, I suspect in a year or two the VR headset numbers may look similar.

If Prusa (and @vicious1 ) can achieve only a small percentage of the margin that still leaves plenty for proper R&D.

Joining the race to the bottom leaves no margin for error.


I like the old vicious logo too! :grin: