Vevor Spindel aircooled

I have recently bought a Vevor spindel 1.5kw aircooled. It’s getting very hot fast. When checking the airflow i feel like its barely a draft.
Has anyone else had trouble with this?
What did you do to fix it?

I run one on both of my LR3s and don’t have any issues. They get warm but not too hot. But mine have a huge amount of air flow. What hz are you running it at? minimum is 200hz for 12000 RPM

I tried it at 400Hz

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400Hz is 24,000 / Max RPM. That thing should have had tons of airflow. Sounds like something isn’t right with your fan. If its a new unit I would contact Vevor and get a replacement. Do you have a way to measure how hot its getting?

Its a brand new one. It gets incredible hot. I would gess the outside of the cooling jacket would be 80-90C maybe more. It started to stick to the PLA holder.

Yeah that’s not normal. I would start a return. Sounds like something is wrong with that one

Well… It was a user error🙈 didn notis det . In 40.0Hz so with the settings on 400Hz it was a totaly different story. So my bad

It happens! But that does explain it getting hot. That’s way too slow. How does it do at 200Hz??

When I got the rpm up the cooling airflow is good and keeps it cool. I was running it for a while on various rpms and it stayed cool/not to hot during that period.

Good deal!

Makes sense.
I work with some big motors (100hp+) that turn very low rpm. There is a seperate cooling fan attached to the cowling to force more air over the motor than the fan on the motor shaft can produce. Otherwise, there would not be enough airflow and the motor would overheat.

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