Very good prospects LowRider CNC (maybe)

Hi guys.
Maybe I’m in a hurry, but I would like to know your opinion.
Are there any prospects “LowRider CNC” to become a 3-D printer with a large work area?
There is such a project as “Cincinnati BAAM 3D printer”
What allows this printer impresses.
Working zone a “LowRiderCNC” allows you to work with virtually the same size, but needs:

  • good extruder with large diameter nozzle with vibro-smoothing system;
  • plastic feeding system;
  • table heating system;
  • it will be necessary to solve a lot of technical problems, but…
    If this were possible, then we will have a very promising device for the coming years, which may make very good money.
    Not one of the open source projects can not boast of such prospects, as LowRiderCNC.
    This is a very promising theme!

    Your thoughts?

You can do it now, lots of big extruders already available, all kinds of methods for a heated bed if you really need it, I am just not sure how much usable z you can get out of this.

Problems may arise primarily from z-axis height, but this can be solved in the future. As developments, I will add to this topic their achievements on this project. I believe that it will be useful to other engineers.

On the big 3d printer will make a perfect plastic pellet feed system. At the moment, there are several ready-made projects, here for example: