Vcarve inlay


I’m in the research stage of my cnc build. I was curious if mpcnc is accurate enough for vcarve reverse inlay? I’m seeing people commenting on getting their cnc to .2mm tolerance. The more expensive cnc’s are .03mm. I would like to fulfill custom, intrequit orders…and in saying so, is the mpcnc a full time workhorse? I’d like to keep this running while working on other things. Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

As a mostly DIY machine, the MPCNC’s accuracy will heavily depend on your build of it.

One caution. Nobody here is likely to recommend that you leave any CNC machine running unattended. Some bad code, a failed clamp, or just bad luck, and these things have enough power in the spindle to start a friction fire super fast. The machine will do what it’s told, even if that makes no sense, and it will ruin the workpiece, itself or your shop, just because it can. There are also pictures around of burned out machines here.

I can’t say it never happens, but I can say that it definitely isn’t recommended.

For accuracy, what kinds of materials are you looking at inlaying? A couple of tenths of a milimetre are a few minutes with a sanding block for most wood.

Thank you for the response. I should have clarified. I was going to work on different projects in my shop my mpcnc is going to town. Thank you for your advise though. Much appreciated

Check the Gallery or search on the term “inlay” and you’ll find several examples of exactly the types of inlays you’re asking about.

I have never done a v carve inlay as a little too much sanding can drastically alter your image but I have done numerous straight cut inlays. Wood is not metal, .2mm is still a press fit tolerance in wood

I have close to 1500 hours on my mpcnc and it is showing it in cut quality but please remember this thing is plastic and emt conduit! Although this machine is capable of creating as well as any, there is the reality of the materials. I suggest you go for it primarily for the education you will get building and maintaining it.


I was just about to make a post on my latest test. My wife didn’t even see it at first.

Actually, there isn’t a good place for those other pictures, so it’ll wait until the project is done.

Wow! That fit is great! Can’t wait to see the final product.

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I think it works great for sharp lines and corners. I haven’t gotten as far as complex curves, but I think that’s where people ran into trouble.
This is going to be a backgammon board, and I’m DEFINITELY going to post pictures when I’m done.

hmm, I thought I already replied to this but I guess not. I think a backgammon board would be fine. I wanted to be able to resurface my cutting boards so the inlay is about 8mm thick. that inlay you did looks great. On my phone the grain is made it hard for me to know what I was looking at first.

Yeah, for sure, vcarve is one and done. Some parts might even disappear altogether with too much sanding!