Vbit/mismatch advice?

Doing some cutting board experiments and used fusion 360. Using a 60 degree v bit and inputted all the tool information in the library. Ram two passes on it, I did a test run and I come up with some severe mismatch on the specifically the one pictured. This a belt tension issue maybe? Any thoughts what might be happening???

Can’t post a video or not sure how but I do notice some jerky movements appears to mainly be on the Y move while engaged at the cuts. Even if I rerun the program after it cut the original depth, kind of like a dry run to clean up

Do these hold any relevance to maybe fixing this?

What does a severe mismatch mean? Are you talking about the roughness of the cut?

That would be in the programming, what are you using? Are you using Estlcam for gcode?

I am not, used fusion to generate g code and set it to engrave, 60 degree bit. Fusion automatically generated the depth of cut for the tool based on the degree.

Ohh, so you mean some letters are deeper than others? That is the situation when you v carve. Also flat bottoms means the width of your letter and the dept of your cut are not allowing the machine to cut a v, I hope that makes sense.

It is hard for me to understand the specific issue you are asking about. If the issue is a flat or rough bottom of the letters as Riley suggests, then that is a Fusion 360 issue and will need to be fixed/hacked in Fusion. If the issue is something else, I suggest that in Fusion 360 Manufacture workspace, you

  1. Turn off the models in the browse tree
  2. Run the simulation with stock turned on:
  3. Fast forward to the end of the simulation and take a screen shot of the completed work, and post the result to the forum.

This will allow us to compare and contrast what Fusion 360 is trying to do with what you are getting.

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I will do that @robertbu just finished testing a small little surfacing tool :metal: