Valentine's Day Present for my wife

Made this box out of 8/4 cherry scraps from cutting boards I make. It was a very simple design in Inkscape, 3 concentric elipses. Then ESTLCAM and hours to pocket out the bottom and top of the box, then part out both. A 1/4" lip on the top keeps the top aligned to the bottom. I will be adding felt inside the bottom and inside the top of the box and will add multiple coats of poly to finish it off.



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Two sided milling. That’s some advanced stuff! Nicely done!

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I agree! How did you do the two side part milling? Lately I have milled holes into my spoil board and then used dowels to locate.

I have to concentric elipses to work with (actually there are three, but the third elipse is for the for top).

[attachment file=“estlcam box 1.JPG”]

In ESTLCAM I used hole and then pocket to cut out the inside elipse. I then parted out the outside elipse. I used a 1/4" two flute end mill for both cuts.

[attachment file=“estlcam box 2.JPG”]

[attachment file=“estlcam box 3.JPG”]

The most critical piece is making sure I had an end mill long enough for my cut, which was 1 1/2" deep with a floor that is 1/2" and walls that are 1/4". That and tons of time to monitor the 3 hour cut. Obviously, you could make a more shallow box.

For the top, use all three rings…

[attachment file=“estlcam box 4.JPG”]

If you look closely between the hole and the part cuts, you can see the lip that fits into the bottom of the box.

[attachment file=“estlcam box 5.JPG”]

I said it in a post on my build, but I did the box bottom, then the top and various other cuts for 10 hours yesterday and this machine just keeps on going… it’s a tank. I love it! I just did a Hylian Shield and am now doing a Punisher plaque… too much fun. I think I’m obsessed… is the a support group for too much MPCNC? Might have to sign me up.

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It looks fantastic even before finishing - great work!

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