Valentine's day box

Hope it’s ok to post non v1 projects… This was made using the NEJE laser that a lot of us are mounting on machines.

My wife and I spent the last few nights helping my son make his valentine’s day box for school. He had an idea in his head for what he wanted and we had fun helping him implement it. We used the laser to cut some of the parts out of cardboard as well as cutting out the template for the star.

When it came to designing parts in F360, I handed him the tape measure and he told me what sizes to make things.


Being CAD monkey for your kid…sounds awesome!


Hehe, the title is Valentine’s Day Box, and when I clicked it I was greeted by a picture of a tank. Man, wasn’t expecting that! :laughing:

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Yep I’d get blasted for that in my house :house: