Vacuum for MPCNC

So I was browsing through old listings looking for a quiet vacuum to use for my MPCNC and came across a post detailing a craftsman vacuum that was both inexpensive and quiet. Availability in Canada with Sears closing and Rona/Lowes taking over sales of Craftmen parts meant it was unavailable, but I found a rebranded one, the VacMaster VF408, for $70 CAD. I was amazed it was so cheap, so I ordered one and when it shipped I went back to look and the price jumped up to $190 CAD. I had planned on sharing a great deal with you, but they either made a mistake and set the USD price on the CAD site, or it was a very short term offer. Anyway, worth watching for if it goes on sale again.


$77 and change here in the states on Amazon…

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Be sure and give us a good review after you get it. If you have another shop vac to compare it to, that’d be nice.

I recently built a full-sized dust collector and have been running all my tools through that now. The hum is a lot lower, so it’s not as ear piercing as a shop vac, but I notice it gets choked down quite a bit when hooked up to the smaller hose on the MPCNC.

I have a small ridgid shop vac that sounds like a jet engine. Anything will be better than that. :smiley:


So I got a delivery notice for the vacuum today… with a small issue. See if you can spot it.

Either USPS is completely hopeless, or they gave me the wrong tracking number.

Haha. Hopefully just the wrong tracking number. Or maybe someone fat fingered a delivery button.


So yeah. Totally a scam. Got my refund easily enough but still need to find a quiet vacuum.

Ended up going with a Dewalt DXV10P dual stage stainless vacuum from With their 20% off weekend, cost $125 CAD shipped, taxes included. has the same one for $233+tax, so seems like a a good deal.

Huh, I got family that lives down in Seminole. Reminds me I should pay them a visit soon.

Grab my vacuum for me when you go? :smiley:


I’ll do my best!!:rofl:

I did a dB test on my small shop vac and it’s 80dB, which is a lot. The DeWalt is supposed to be 65dB and an exhaust muffler will cut a bit of that noise. The Makita is about 70DdB at speed 3, and 75dB at full so it’ll definitely help to have a quieter vacuum. That’s at about 12" from the router.

It’s why I like my dust collector. It’s lower rumbling hum instead of a high pitched whine.

If I had a shop, I’d totally go for that but I literally have a 4’ by 6’ floorspace for everything. :wink:

They sell wall mounted single stage units :slight_smile: mount it under the cnc machine.

That would work except I have the space under the CNC full of drawers that hold bits, spare parts, and 3d printer hardware (so my wife doesn’t go mental that I’ve left it all over the place). I’ve already ordered the vacuum so I’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep an eye out for alternatives if I end up with more space for it in the future.

So maybe it wasn’t the best idea to get the stainless tub for this vacuum? I think I’m going to have to get some foam to line it with because it’s nearly as loud as my little vacuum at 75dB. It’s definitely not 65. Added a piece of chewed up yoga mat and corrugated plastic sheet to the inside and under the bottom. Now it sounds a lot less like a bass drum every time I touch it. Haven’t done a dB check though.