VAC Shoe remix

I remixed these two STL’s tonight. Don’t have a printer setup myself to test, but Im pretty sure it’ll work if someone wants to try it. As soon as I get my buddy to print it, I’ll post back with how well it does or doesn’t work

Shit, just realized it’s going to obstruct access to the chuck. Back to the drawing board

You could maybe remix the chuck, so it would come in from the bottom.

Does anyone know how well these small circle dust collector around the bit works vs. the larger one?

I’m a fan of a larger vac hole to the side. More airflow. I took my dewalt apart to remove the tool less chuck. Kept the push button on the side though. I can still reach that.

I’ve got a new design figured out, just having a little trouble executing. My 3D modeling game isn’t quite on point, but I’m getting there.

If you’ve ever seen how the access cap on a waste water tank for an RV spin clamps on, that’s the route I’m going. I trimmed 9mm off the top of the vac shoe, and working on putting some hooks on it that will spin clamp on to the tabs that come out the side of the lower clamp for the DW660. If that makes any sense…

I like this shoe for doing deeper cuts. The larger shoe, to me, is more for engraving and shallower cuts.