V2 to v3 upgrade?

I built the v2 maybe 2 years back, just saw their was an update to v3. Going to dive into the docs soon. I had been modifying the v2 for pick and place stuff, which the old style mounting board was perfect for. But at first glance the v3 mounting for actual milling looks great! And the fact that conduit is used ( I have the stainless rails now full size for 4x8ft…

Quick questions for suggestions…seeing as the new mount is different and I would need to re modify the pick and place portion, I think I will keep the v2, for that stuff… ( I have to dive into the specs of v3 a more)

Since I’m limited to space ( I have the full 4x8) built to v2 spec. Does the v3 Y rails run in the same “track” ( footprint ) of the wheels of the v2? Or does it run closer in? Or out ? Reason I ask if I make the v3 , maybe I can just add another 2x4 on the inside of the wheel “track” 2x4 frame ? As to keep the 2 machines on the same table?? ( they wouldn’t be working at the same time most likely).

I ponder this because the v2 all the Z Y motors sit to the outside of the “track” / frame and the new v3 looks like it’s sitting on the rail. ( I know I could probably just make the he x smaller to accomplish the inner rail system to accommodate the v2 and v3 on different frame 2x4s the inner frame would have the new rail system , also I noticed the belt sits more on top of the frame vs off to the side (v2) … any suggestions from others that have built the v3 and maybe have a v2 , how the transition from v2 table to v3 table would be appreciated , I will start printing the parts maybe on Monday after I get more research done / suggestions on this “dual” lowrider concept.

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The v2 hangs off the ends of the table. The v3 takes about the same shop space for the same work space. So the v3 uses a larger table for the same work space.

If you imagined widening your v2 table so the whole machine fit on top of the table, that is about how much table you need for the v3.

You can probably build a larger surface and mount it on top of the existing table, or come up with some kind if extension to make the rails for the v3. You could also consider sacrificing some work area width. The full sheets will still fit. You just can’t mill to the edges without moving it.

Ah i see so It’s rails are bigger then. The rails on the v2 to cover the same work space . Yeah what I was thinking might need to make it smaller (thinner ) which won’t cut the full sheet ( which is fine in most cases).

V2 → [][|]<-v3->[|][]<-v2 …

[] ← being 2x4 for wheels and [|] <-being 2x4 with conduit “rail” that was the idea to have one sit inside the others “foot print” so I might just consider making the v3 a bit smaller then the v2 so they sit on the same work surface ( obviously they can’t pass “under” or through each other) but they will be able to occupy the same surface at the same time, it’s mainly so I don’t have to switch from milling setup to pick and place setup , they would probably never work at the same time , but they could I would just need to make some sort of variable PID for v2 to know where v3 so they don’t crash into eachother .
Cool… let’s see I guess it’s more just a matter of printing the parts… as I have a bunch of left over bearings and misc stuff from the first build … In the middle of doing a iot node project , so I’ll update any progress In about a week once I get some parts printed.