V1E store power supply male + female parts?

I ordered the 24V PSU (24V Power Supply – V1 Engineering Inc) from the V1E store for my MPCNC. There weren’t any parts to connect the power to the SKR 1.2 board - am I supposed to just screw the bare wires into the SKR board and have the power brick dangle? Or is there a correct combo of male + female parts I should get to have a proper power brick setup?

I’m using this case, so I’d have a spot to put the female plug: SKR Pro v1.2 and TFT E3 v3.0 Case (remix) (threaded inserts) by Design8Studio - Thingiverse

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Yes wire get screwed into the terminals on the SKR, with jumpers from power to motor power as well. On the 24v power supply white is + and black is -. I wouldn’t let it dangle. I would secure it somehow

But isn’t there supposed to be a barrel plug or something? It seems really risky to have the brick wires terminated directly to the SKR.

Why is that risky?? The 24v have never come with a barrel plug. Honestly thats just taking away an additional failure point. I had a few of the 12v ones and had the ends go bad. Once I figured out what it was I had to cut them off and do that anyways. I have 2 LR3’s and a Primo that all have the 24v power supply straight to the board with no issues at all. If I have any issues that I need to shut the board down quickly I just unplug the 110v plug

In case you want to buy some, you can get them here:


Ryan may also have them in his store.

If you do get some, I recommend crimping ferrules onto the ends of the wires. Here’s a kit I use for doing that.