V1E Inspired Stool

I wanted a 3 legged stool so it wouldn’t wobble and came to the realization that the V1E logo would be a good basis for the seat. I started this back in January with my still novice CAD skills. I went a bit overboard on parameters and found that changing some parameters would break it. So, I let this one go for awhile. Last weekend, I decided I was just going to make it work. Mistakes were made but I’m happy with the outcome. Maybe someday I’ll redesign it to make the legs less busy and extend out the legs for more stability.


Best stool I have ever seen!



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Let me make sure I fixed a couple mistakes I had made regarding notch sizes and I’ll add them. I’ll provide the Fusion file as well. I used 3/4 inch plywood (measured at 18.6mm) so you may need to modify the plywood thickness variable to get a proper fit.


Ok, here is it. I feel obligated to add a few disclaimers:

  1. I’m about 150 pounds. It’s pretty sturdy but I can get it to twist a little bit so use at your own risk. I used 3/4" plywood. I’m pretty sure 1/2" is not sufficient.
  2. If doing this again, I would have made the legs go out further on the bottom for more stability.
  3. I’m still pretty amateur when it comes to CAD. I’ve re-done this a bunch of times in Fusion which is why I got tired of this project for awhile. The latest iteration involved copying the sketches, re-creating some parameters, and re-creating the bodies. I haven’t used the current iteration. I had to fix some mistakes that caused me to have to do some sanding/filing to get the parts to fit.

Stool.zip (24.8 KB)

The pictures above should be sufficient for assembly. I did glue the pieces together. Getting that top support (smallest dark piece) in there requires some finagling.

The included DXFs were based on my plywood measured at 18.6mm. I added in 0.5mm for tolerance so the slots are 19.1mm. If your plywood is different you’ll need to update the fusion file and re-export the DXFs.

I use the MapBoards Pro plugin for exporting DXFs. That deals with not including construction lines and provides basic nesting functionality. It’s a paid plugin but it makes this so much easier.
MapBoards Pro | Fusion | Autodesk App Store

You need 1 Leg, 1 Seat, 1 Top Support, and 3 Legs. The Seat is the only thing that isn’t a straight cut through. I used 1 inch thick pine but you could use 3/4" plywood. The slot at the top of the leg is 10mm. I pocketed the leg slots in the seat at 12mm deep. I thought about putting a roundover on the seat with a router, but I just sanded it.

Good luck and thanks for the interest!