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Impulse buy… https://lowridercnc.com/


Can you put an embedded video of a LR3 truck driving around making motor sounds that redirects after 5s or so?


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It’s Fun Friday, so…

Still got more Routers to give away? Consider asking Community to submit most outrageous over the top pimped out Xtreme CNC/Plasma/Laser Cuts, and/or Rapids Movements. Pick rando winner, but all submissions get added to a youtube playlist that’s played on the site?

If People participating are limited to submitting their personal best/favorite single video, that’d help keep the playlist tight, and hopefully help create great showcase for things like RMRRF too? Maybe give people a few weeks, or until end of year even to submit?

Would be nice if anyone with a V1E MPCNC/LR based machine can participate, regardless of what router they’re using (or not for those with laser, plasma, sonic-welder, etc…).

Main goal is to showcase what’s possible, to inspire new and existing Community members.

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I was thinking about something like this for a Jackpot Board. Need some heavy hitters to put up some serious material removal. I had some plans, but I have been playing with CAD pretty heavy lately.

You know what that means??? That means you finally decided. Lr is getting all your attention!! Get it cheap and great!!!

You know the small 1\2 inch pipe idea like a 3018 cnc was kinda neat too!


Guess I missed the boat. Link just opens up V1e.com for me

It’s a new domain name. My understanding is that this is basically a new way to reach V1E, that capitalizes on the recent popularity of the LR3, especially given the Kobalt thing. It’s intended to be a redirect to V1E. I suppose it could redirect right to the LR3’s main page on the V1E site though…


Roger that Doug. Thanks! Makes sense!

Hopefully soon it will need to be changed to LR4 LOL

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I have 15-20 domain names (investments???). You kinda gotta grab anything related to your business in case someone tries to use it to find you. Also someone doesn’t beat you to it or have some disgruntled person use it as a ugly/scam site.

One day if this ever gets popular, I have a lot of the peripheral domains.

There was only one more I wanted to get, a .net, but they want like triple what the same .com was…ummm never gonna happen.



Gotta grab this. :yum:

Umm??? Uhh??? Umm??? ??? ???

Wait, I think this is it:

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The prize should be a new endmill to replace all the bits I break haha

That is doable!


I knew a guy who weathered legal kerfuffles from The Mouse™ because he grabbed yensid.com early in interwebs age, and he was using it as a moderately disgruntled/disappointed ex-employee rant site (no libel, but some disparagement of common practices and business decisions). Although it looks like he’s abandoned it (as has Disney). But while I was there at Disney Online, my boss was in charge of maintaining many of those “protective” domains. In the hundreds… Common misspellings, etc. Couldn’t have the kiddos looking for Mickey and Donald suddenly get exposed to Mike and Don, if you get my drift…

Of course, you have to realize that Disney was/is also trademarking certain poses of their core characters just in case saner heads finally get hold of the copyright laws. So even if Mickey becomes public domain, certain “iconic” poses are still protected. I mean, you’ve seen Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, right (they’re making a sequel, FYI)? Disney’s nightmare scenario is a full-on doujinshi culture springing up around Walt’s creations…

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Translation… I don’t understand?

Well, that but also mostly doubting my first flawed effort at getting it translated.