V-Carve Letters and Clearing Material

I am in the process of transitioning from ESTLCAM to Fushion, I’ve been a Solidworks for most of my career so its taking some getting used to. I am working on a sign where I want raised letters, this means a lot of material needs to be taken down with a 1/8 endmill first and then finished with a V-bit around the letters. In ESTLCAM that’s simply setting up a carve and setting your pocketing tool.

What seems to make the most sense in my head is I setup a 2D adaptive Clear leaving 0.5mm radial stock and 0 axial. Then figured I do the same thing but switch to my V-bit and use rest machining with 0mm stock. This just gives me errors saying “Toolpath Has No Section”. I have seen lots of tutorials about Engraving (cutting letters into the stock surface) but have not found one that does raised letters and removes the stock around it.

Here is the sign I am working on, Drawing in Solidworks then imported to Fushion as a IGES.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I’m not sure what part you want to finish with the vbit. The raised parts of your sign have flat sides?
Assuming you want all the raised parts to actually have sloped sides, you can offset the height and radial stock to leave to match your vbit and use the top contours as your paths. I like to cam that part first to make sure it generates and because it’s easier to troubleshoot, even if I swap them later. But not having those right will likely lead to empty toolpath, not “no sections”.
For that error, it’s usually some obscure setting, using chamfer to make something other than a chamfer, or fusion showing its lack of…polish.
I’ve made parts for inlays with vbits that I think have similar geometry to what you want (from 2d drawings). It’s not terribly difficult once you understand how the fusion dev team expects you to use the software.
Starting with a 3d model…hmmm. Try turning off rest machining on the vbit or chance it to “from setup stock” to measure sure it isn’t just mad there isn’t much to cut as a first step.