Using FreeCAD (free and open source software) for engraving

I created a video to show how to use the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) FreeCAD for engraving.
I think it’s a pretty cool way of using any font (especially free ones) to create engraved text and use any jpg or other bitmap format to create engraved pictures.

Engraving using FreeCAD


Cool, thanks!

I am adding the FreeCAD tag so others can easily find this.

DOH! - I forgot to tag it. - Thanks for that Ryan.
I must say, I am enjoying getting back to FreeCAD, I jumped back after Autodesk did their licensing scare. I did find that vcarve inlays are not possible in FreeCAD yet but it will come.

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I really need to try it out again. I only tried it once while trying to cad using python.

You should, it’s extensible with Python too. - I have been writing some macros using Python and their API.
Also, take a look at the RealThunder version, he’s done a lot of work on features and the interface that will eventually find their way into the main branch.

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I haven’t had time to try it yet, but FreeCAD’s version 0.19 Path workbench got V-Carve capability a couple of months ago.

There’s a little something in the Wiki

I think developer Sliptonic was primarily behind this and he posted a teaser video a while back…