Using a 2 bar linkage: Sandsara

After doing enough Googling of ZenXY like topics, The Google showed me an interesting ad for Sandsara, which looks to be a new Kickstarter project that has a clever 2 bar linkage that controls everything:

They used inverse kinematics to map the x/y to motor angles, but also seems to be Arduino based.


The kinematics for a scara machine are well known, so it’s a bit rich for them to claim that it was something they had to do.

I am, of course, very interested in the software. I wish there was more open source code in this realm, but maybe that is just me…

As for the value of this product. It looks pretty small and maybe cheap. But maybe the build quality is better on the final version? It is really hard to tell from a kickstarter promo. I do like how thin the edge is. The smaller size also means it could be pretty quick to draw across the whole thing.

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Do you know if it is possible to reload the software. Mine is stuck on calibration and the only thing I can think to do is to refresh the software. I have been unable to get any help from the developers. Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t know anything about their software. Sorry you’re not getting any support. Have you posted on their Kickstarter and the indigogo?