Use a plunge router. Weight

Good afternoon.
I thought about using a cheap submersible router. For example,
Hammerhead. Item Weight ‎4.13 kg
Silverline 329863. Item Weight ‎2.9 kg

Will the LowRider 3 platform withstand such a router weight?
The model of the router itself is not important. It can be any other router. Only the maximum weight of the router with which LowRider 3 can work is important.

Well, the LR3 can lift weight OK. The body of the plunge router will eat some space, reducing your available X and increasing the Y offset. It MAY require a bit of rework on the YZ plates for the change in centre of gravity.

It will require custom mounts and dust collection.

But my LR can and has lifted the machine plus a box of books. Could do even more with a 1 start lead screw, so if you really think you want to…

But I wouldn’t.

Yes the LR3 can lift the weight of either of those machines.

I initially used a katsu brand router which was a cheap clone of the makita. It failed after a few months, it just wasn’t capable of running constantly under load for hours at a time - which in fairness most trim routers wouldn’t have to. You could put a lot of work into modifying the core and discover the same.

plunge router has a power greater than 1.25hp (> 920Watt). It can be assumed that working with thick plywood will not be particularly difficult for him.
Working with aluminum should also be easier.
I just need to make sure that high-quality bearings are installed in the router.

About weight - understood. Thank you
The center of gravity will not go beyond the platform. Yes, you are right - part of the working field along the X, Y axes may be lost. Yes, the collection of sawdust will have to be redone.
But it is not difficult to slightly increase the width of the portal.
And I initially plan to do the length a little more than necessary for a sheet of plywood 2440x1220.
I will collect, test, then share my impressions.

What they mean is the bigger router will be further away in the Y axis from the core and gantry than the original design intends it to be. The effect on stability isn’t known.

Do you know if you can get 1/8 collets for your intended router? If there is any advantage in HP it will need to be balanced with using 1/4 tooling if not. Any aluminium cutting I’ve seen us using 1/8 bits to reduce tool load.

I am interested in collars of 6, 8 and 12 millimeters.
There are cutters for aluminum for such collets. And there are quite a few of them. Including 1/8

You can easily cut aluminium with the small routers. I now have a 1400W installed and it’s hard to even tell the difference. The bottleneck is the LowRider’s stiffness, not the router.

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I got it. Thank you. )

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