Upgrading to GT2-10 - has it sense?

I’m going to replace steppers from 17HS4401 to popular here 17HS8401. This will increase torque from 40 to 52N/m.
Also this will increase detent torque from 2.2 to 2.6 N/m so I hope my spindle will stop to slide down after turn off Z stepper.

Has it sense to upgrade MPCNC to GT2-10 belts?
I guess for this i will need

  • of course belt
  • 4 (or more just for selection best) 16x10mm pulleys
  • 8 bearings and 8 more long screws
  • probably, I will have to design adapters for mount nylon strips.

these parts are cheap, but does this improvement will worth the time spent?

on small feedrate like 8mm/sec or less it looks like doesn’t matter, but for more feedrate may be this could be useful (as example for use as laser cutter).

I don’t think you will see much improvement using the 10mm belts over the standard ones. In most, if not all, builds belt stretch isn’t an issue. Even when moving at a relatively high rate of speed the belts don’t stretch.

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I had tried to use trochoidal milling at 1200mm/min and got geometry distortions on the corners of test cut:
I thought it becuse the belt acts as a spring and it’s matter when you have such heavy (1.4Kg) tool
May be I will be rare case when I will have to use this mode, but I asked just in case.

It’s usually the zip ties springing that cause this. The belts should be glass fiber reinforced, so they won’t stretch much at all.

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Since I already have 10mm belt, gears, and pulleys, I’m curious about what it would take to use them instead of buying new 6mm stuff.

A few more bearings, longer screws for the rollers, a larger pulley and some way to attach the pulleys to the corners. It’s pretty straight forward.

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