Upgrading from 525 to Burly, do I need new/different parts?

I have a 525 that I got from the shop just after it was released. I’ve been practicing my 3D printing and I want to try upgrading to Burly. I know I need a T8 lead screw and coupler, but is there anything else I need to order? Were any other screws, nuts, bolts, etc. added or changed?

I just did this a few months ago. You’ll need 2 2.5mm screws to hold the coupler to the part. There’s nothing else you need to buy. All the bolts are the same. You will need to flash your firmware for the leadscrew vs the threaded rod.

Thank you. Are you talking about the set screws that hold the coupler to the lead screw and motor? Or something else?

The firmware is actually part of the reason I’m upgrading. I want to try out using Octopi but I don’t think I can without the most recent firmware. And the most recent firmware only supports the lead screw, not the threaded rod. But also, I’ve had some random slipping on the Z axis and I’m pretty sure using a lead screw will solve that.

Oh. You did say coupler… No. I was referring to the brass nut that rides up and down the lead screw. I believe it used 2.5mm screws to hold it to the XYZ assembly.

Hi there,

I have mounted the Brass nut yesterday and I have used 4 M3 Metric screws to secure the nut on the plastic part.

For the coupler I have used a 10mm to 5mm one to fit in the NEMA Motor on the one side and the screw on the other side.

An I guess you need one of this bearings for the assembly beneath the Coupler.


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Oh, the black screws in the brass nut in this photo? https://www.v1engineering.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/IMG_20181030_1700362.jpg