My machine has been idle a bit, seems like I might need to make a few upgrades. Can anyone comment on the need/ease of these things:

add an lcd - hoping this is just plug it in and start using it. Also hoping that means I can start combining cuts w/ a tool change in the middle.

adding a z touch plate - from what I can see this is mostly plug it in and make sure the gcode gets an update to do the zeroing. Not clear if that’s an option the fusion 360 post processor?

adding end stops? - add a few switches and update the firmware? is it easy to screw up the firmware update? is this worth it? seems like my alignment is always just a little bit off when running 2 cuts on the same piece w/ different bits.

anything else worth doing?


LCD is good.

Touch plate is good for tool changes.

Endstops only work if you have a 5 driver board, and need extra precision.