Upgraded Board Box

Since I blew up my router and I’m still off work due to surgery, I figured I’d do a bit of work on my control box to keep busy.

I wanted to be able to turn everything on from one place. The bottom receptical is always live and the top one is either off, full power to the router, or speed controlled depending on what the hand-off-auto is set to.

The RAMBO board turns on independently of the router and bottom power plug. I also wired in a female computer plug to make the box easy to transport without a bunch of cords.

Still need to add fans (with air filter on intake), gromet for LCD wires, and I ordered a usb part that mounts to the can so it looks finished.


Weather proof 8x8 box

120v 3-pole contactor

NC stop button

NO start button

NC e-stop and box

14/3 soow wire

#14 tw90 wire

Din rail

Contact blocks

Hand-off-auto switch with 2 NO contacts

10a FLA speed control rotary switch

6a DC power supply

Remote reset switch

3d printed bracket for RAMBO board

Strain reliefs

I thought I liked clean wires…I will just step back now. Nice work!

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That has such a professional look to it! I’m loving the variable speed control on the router plug. I’ll have to give this a shot . Thanks for posting!

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I’ve attached a ladder diagram in case anyone is interested in doing it themselves.

Make sure to turn the power off and check your connections!!