Updated Assembly Guide?

I have 3d printed almost all of the parts and am about to pull the trigger on ordering all of the other hardware.

But before I do, I noticed the assembly instructions don’t seem to have the same parts that I printed. Is that because the assembly guide photos on this website are not updated to reflect the most recent files available on Thingiverse?

They should be, what parts are you referring to?

The “middle joiner” on this page: https://www.v1engineering.com/assembly/middle/

I don’t seem to have that on my parts list inventory:

2 Bottom_Corner 55.00%
2 BottomM_Corner 55.00%
2 Lock_Corner 55.00%
2 LockM_Corner 55.00%
2 Top_Corner 55.00%
2 TopM_Corner 55.00%
4 Spacer_Corner 70.00%
4 Foot Bottom 60.00%
2 Roller 55.00%
2 Roller M 55.00%
4 RollerMount 55.00%
4 RollerPlate 55.00%
2 XY 55%
2 XYZ T8 55%
1 Nut Lock 55%
1 Spacer 55%
2 Nut Trap 55%
1 Tool Mount 55%
1 Z-Lower 55%
1 Z-Motor 55%
1 Pineapple coupler 55%

That is in the section titled -Everything past this point is for the old center assembly- None of your parts should look anything like that. All the parts on the list should coincide with the current assembly instructions in the upper most part of that page.

Sorry for the confusion but I can’t take down the old stuff because as soon as I do someone will pop up saying they have waited two years to assemble and need instructions (it has happened).

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Thank you! Sorry for not reading more carefully.

No big deal you would have never made it that far during your actual assembly, I’m pretty excited that you even looked at the instructions before the build. A lot of people seem to just skim them even when they are building. So High five, top of the class already!