Up and running

Wanted to show of my awesome creation. Thanks to the internet and people like you guys I now have my own CNC router! I have about a 30x50cm working area and for now I have only done a few test runs. Here is the first thing I tried after drawing with a pen!

[attachment file=41979]

Since I am in europe I selected a Kress router for this build. I have no experience with routing before this machine but it feels like a good piece of kit. For now I am using 25mm aluminium rails but these might be swapped to stainless in the future. For now they seem to work fine. It still needs som sort of mounting system for parts. Then I will try milling a few PCBs if I can find some time to learn flatCAM.

Here are some pictures of this great machine! And thanks again to all who makes this stuff possible. :slight_smile:

[attachment file=41980]

[attachment file=41981]


Congrads on the build. What a nice and clean setup. Looks great. I also use a Kress on my EU setup. Are you using aviation connectors to connect the x, y and z axis to the controller? I have those as well :-).

Oh so clean, jeez, get that thing more dirty!


Looks nice, and the MDF came out great!

Karel: Never heard them called aviation connectors but yes, that’s what they are. Use them for everything as they are great and flexible with all different pin-configurations.