Uno Board

Hi Ryan. I am applying a Uno + CNC Shield to my MPCNC now since I have my Rambo working - to get the benefits of Estlcam direct control and I’m a glutton for punishment, ha ha. I’ve already learned about the correct drivers (Drv8825), voltage adjusting(0.75V) for the Nema 17 motors you sell. However I am not sure about the microstep jumpers. I will be using this Uno + CNC Shield for wood milling and probably some laser engraving. I read somewhere here that you don’t go past 1/32, ie all three jumpers although 1/8 microstep is a common default on these boards. It’s all a matter of expected precision I suppose. Which microstep setting do you generally advise?

There is a processing speed limit as well. I would say 16th is good, but 32 works as well. You would be hard pressed to prove a difference in practical terms.

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Thanks for the reply. I must say that having played with Estlcam + Uno + CNC Shield, it is slick. Cuts out a whole step in the CAM process and allows all the other features Christian has thoughtfully programmed into the product. I really like it for 2.5D but haven’t tried 3D as yet. I’ll hook up a game controller to this rig and play with that too today.

This little UNO learning curve also taught me about some of the features of GRBL that might be useful to me in the future, especially Laser mode in GRBL 1.1.

A glutton for punishment!

There are some laser differences? Marlin 2.0 has laser/spindle stuff built into it, but I would love to hear what we are missing. I have not had time to play with other firmware in a long time.

Here’s the link for Laser Mode in GRBL 1.1



Okay that looks like what is going on in Marlin now as well. We are getting all sorts of feature parity which is great for making programs cross compatible!