universal gcode sender on Pi

trying to use universal gcode sender https://winder.github.io/ugs_website/

i have it installed everything is running but when i connect to the cnc i cant send any commands tried every bored type?

Are you using grbl? Or the Rambo board? Unfortunately I think Marlin support has been dropped from UGS a while ago. CNC.js might be a better fit for the pi.

ya i was afraid of that i tried cnc.js but cant seam to get it to connect to my machine i can get the octraprint to but no cnc.js

I couldn’t get cnc.js connected at first. I assumed that the port that was displayed was correct since it looked fine. Never thought to click the down arrow to display more ports. Sure enough, there was another port listed below. Once I clicked that, it worked. I spent a couple days figuring i just wasn’t set up right and the answer was right there. Just a thought.