Unauthorized seller, again...

Does anyone speak fluent spanish?


Good morning to whom it may correspond, my name is Abraham Vargas (General Manager) I regret the inconvenience that could have caused, publish the kit of his team without reviewing his licenses, I suspended the publication in my site, my interest is not to harm anyone, But if I am interested in continuing the sale of this kit, I would like to know the process to obtain your permit to sell or to distribute your kit.

P.S. I regret the inconvenience.


Ryan I can help you with spanish.

Looks like they responded… At least I don’t see anything there now that looks conflicting.

Yea, I shot them a message this morning, that’s the reply I posted, after I ran it through google translate.

I’m from Spain, anything you need just send me a message. Only speak a little bit of english though xD

So it is back on that site, should I try and reason with them or just send their ISP a DMCA notice?

They have replied and understand is is under a non commercial licence but have put it back up.

Thanks for the message Barry, they have not responded to me in any way. I have tried on youtube, the site contact, and the site chat window thing.

Here is what this piece of shit is trying to pull.

“Note: The cost of the kit is for the electronic and mechanical components, 3D printed parts are delivered free of charge, as are licensed by its author.”

It is one thing to mistakenly sell something but to try and be a punk about it this is stoopid. This is like saying here is the 5 CD’s in cases, the beatles songs on them are free of charge.

Anyone heard back from this guy, Josue Vargas Zepeda? He will not respond to me in any way. He is hosted by godaddy, and I have issued a dmca notice. I hope this goes more smoothly that mercado libre.

Nope, he’s ignoring me now as well.

This actually leads me to a valid topic I wanted to bring up…

Let’s say somebody on like 3dhubs came across someone who wanted this printed out but wanted it locally. Would you ever allow that to happen with some sort of kickback? This way you would get paid for your ideas and hard work, and the printer would be paid for the print and filament. Just a thought and its totally hypothetical.

The price on 3d hubs is super crazy, I made sure even with shipping across the globe I should still be at least 1/3 cheaper.

If somebody really wanted to do that they should send me a message and I am sure I wouldn’t have a problem with 1 set. The person doing the printing, might not do it because of the release license though. I have no idea what 3D hubs policy is one that if it is linked form thingiverse.

I know every time this kind of thing comes up some people kind of get offended at my point of view, and there are people that are die hard open source (this project is not open source). The is a very real truth, if I don’t make some sort of money on this I will not have the time to support or update it. I feel giving away everything to those that have the abuilty and supporting even people that have given me nothing is enough.

I get extremely offended when someone else violates all this and tries to sell non commercial products. Every company/person that has asked to be an authorized seller/distributor I have said yes to with a single digit commision. The one company that actually did it, I caught them lying about their sales and they refused, to this day, to give me my $3 commision on the one I caught. Who knows how many they sold and didn’t pay me my $3. Some people are just worthless. Then there are the people that donate, such polar opposites. I never ask or suggest a tip, yet some people feel very strongly and do it anyway, some even on a recurring basis.

Godaddy has responded to the DMCA notice, hopefully this will be over soon. There are DMCA lawyers now, the prices actually don’t seem to bad as long as court is not involved.

Removed, I appreciate the speed at which godaddy took care of things!

Good news.