Ugly dust brush shoe

I’ve been trying to figure out a solution for my dust collection - at the moment I’ve just got a shop vac, and a trashcan seperator.

My router is a little different from the Dewalt that you guys have in the states - It has no dust extraction, but instead blasts air through the entire thing, cooling the motor and blowing the dust away at the same time - I kind of like this, it makes me think that dust isn’t going to get sucked through the router. It does make dust extraction a little more difficult than I anticipated.

I’ve come up with this wee thing - required modification of the 611 plate, But overall it works pretty well, I feel like I should have ask Ryan before I moved the router position - is there a reason that the router is offset and not centre of the 611 plate?

Attached with a couple of screws and wingnuts for reasonably easy removal…, had to add brushes by hand, which wasn’t too fun.

Only problem is, it’s still blowing dust out of the gaps at the top of the shoe, that vacuum is getting more than it was before, but it’s still not great and the brushes seem to be adding a bit of resistance to the x/y moves.


Any advice?

No it was just offset so our vacuum hose fit.

I would just say the strength of the LowRider comes in when it is low, I would try to make the skirt on the outer edges where it won’t interfere with how close you can get to the material.

The 611 also blows straight through the router body, never figured out if it helped or hindered the vac.

You can cover those gaps or even replace the brushes with heavy paper or rubber. The job of those brushes is to stop the high speed chips, and force the air to come in near the work.

I think just heavy paper, cut every inch or so will give you a bunch of flaps that would work better. If you can find flexible, heavy clear plastic, even better. The weight helps it stay down and it should be something that doesn’t collect chips (no fabric).

What about using a milk jug or soda bottle instead of the bristles?


Might head to the rubber shop this weekend and give it another attempt. Will upload files if it’s successful.

if you already have a 3d printer, just print the brushes in flexable filament, i’m currently (when i have time) experimenting

with different thicknesses


heres a video :