U.Washington/Open3DP fabs 20 MP3DPs

We just ran a team build event to fabricate 20 (yes twenty) V1Engineering’s MP3DP 3D printers. Shown the printer by AugustHonnell, Leo Orozco and Szymon Saranowicz was the first to produce results. So awesome. We made modifications (as always) to use a standard rod length of 12″ (costs $1.30-ish each at McMaster) which resulted in a slightly smaller printer. We promise we will share all modifications with V1 and all of you on Thingiverse. All in all, this was a great build. Thanks again Ryan!!!

20? Why not 40?

Seriously, this is awesome! Thank you for sharing.

And not a bad Benchy in progress there! :slight_smile: