Types of endstop

Hey everyone,

First of all, kudos for the amazing V1 projects (they look great too) and for how you’re managing everything.

I have a question about the endstops. I have the usual SS-3GL13PT (I think they’re the same ones sold in the store), but I see they’re often sold already assembled on a small board. Is that really necessary? Can I just connect them directly to the SKR Pro?

I’ve got time since I’m still printing the various parts to build an MPCNC Primo. I’ve already configured the board, screen, and WiFi.

Thanks a lot!

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Assuming you mean the endstops like what come on a stock Creality printer with the PCB and JST connection mounted on the switch? If so you don’t want that type. They wont work. You want just the switch like what Ryan sells in the shop. That is what its designed to work with. The PCB ones wont fit.

If you are in the US I really suggest just purchasing the Kit from Ryan. It makes things SO much easier!

Grazie Jonathan!
I already have some SS-3GL13PTs, thanks to your tip I’m now at peace… :slight_smile:

Mine will be a spaghetti MPCNC :it:

Thanks again and have a good evening.


Is it racist if you are saying it about your own nation? :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re not going to break my spaghetti MPCNC I’d say it’s not racist! :laughing: