TX LR3 Build - New to CNC

This has been a great journey learning all the things about this build. I feel addicted. I bought the kits in November and got past the holidays and had been thinking hard about the table build. I knew that had to be where i started and i second guessed myself every other day on the size and how i was going to do it. I ended up making the table slightly smaller than i originally was, but it got me moving. I had a plan that i could live with and that would fit my small shop.

That took me around a week and a half, then i was onto the build. This was a lot of fun and frustration. but in the end i got it working. I feel like i have made every mistake, try again, and get it right, then make another.

I ran with this build for about 3 weeks, learning the ins and outs. Loving Estlcam and enjoyed Repetier-Host. Ended up setting up a PI with Repetier-Server. I have really liked that.

A buddy of mine with a 3d printer helped me get some upgrades. Thanks to him and @DougJoseph, and his incredible model designs, i got some renovations done with a cable chain and new box.

I am really loving this setup. Also got a relay going to control the spindle and limit my cables going off the table.
Anyway, I am learning everyday. I will post a few things i have made so far in the other topic. Thanks!!


Congratulations!!! Sharp build! Love it!