Two sided knife scales, fixture plate, and progress

Hi All,

I am very excited I was able to get this to work!

My first attempt at knife scales involved cnc, router and drilling. I have attempted and succeeded at using plywood as a fixture plate so I can flip the scales and get awesome cuts!

Fixture plate. First with pen, then I drillled holes and hot glued 2-56 nuts.

Screwed down the sheet of micarta and cut the screw holes with a 1/16th bit from v1. Thanks Ryan. These holes were enlarged with a #44 drill bit to just the right size for the #2 screw.

Change bit to 1/8th in end mill. Cut the profile , then the pockets.

Finally I dipped the scales over and chamfered with a 90 degree v bit. One scales suffered from an unknown error. The worked great. I am calling this a great proof of principle.

Perfect alignment with the metal parts from sendcutsend

I am so THIRLLED this worked. Next up, nicer stabilized wood


Heck yeah, that is a cool project with a few steps. You should get some sort of merit badge for it…

Please keep sharing as this project progresses!

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You should get the merit badge. I couldn’t have designed the MPCNC. I get how to use it…

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Very cool! Please show final pics.

I don’t quite understand your rig for the double sided. But it sounds like you have some kind of base that allows you to flip and mill.

For my scales I used openscad to model parametrically and then Kiri:moto with register pins to allow for flipping. I think I used tooth pics for pins IIRC?

The acorn I just cut separately out of MOP so I could in theory do different designs without modifying the base model.

I was still very new and learning all of this so it took forever. Cheers and congrats.


O set my origin at the x and y home. 0,0. I then drilled then cnc the holes for the screws and pivot in the fixture board. Open those holes up to just fit the appropriate size nuts. Hot glue those in. Attach a sheet of material and run the same program. Screw the sheet down through the holes and run your program. Because the right and left scales are mirrors of each other they can screw down to the other side when flipped over. Keep the end stop home as 0,0


once I get through my first batch of 10, I may make the journey to upgrade to the primo. thanks!