Turn rail blocks 180 degrees?

  1. If rail blocks are turned 180 degrees, will they collide or interfere with something?
  2. Can I make them as long as I want(turned and not colliding with the belt)?
    3)If there is an assembled model of LR3 in any 3d software, please point me to it (so far could not find any)

I did a test fit today on the table that I’m building and wasn’t sure what way round the blocks should be installed.
For me they fit just in one orientation. turned 180 deg they hit the rail rollers. That is with a 25 mm rail. Not sure if other rail sizes have more clearance.

Thanks! Using 25mm tube allso. Redesigning rail block anyways
Can you describe or take a picture of what part of rail block does it hit when turned 180 degrees?

Why do you want to? As implemented the router doesn’t travel far enough on X to touch them?

  1. There is not.

It doesn’t fit at all. I tried to take the best picture I could. But with little space and all black parts that isn’t easy.

The first picture shows the railblock turned 180 deg in front of the railroller.
The second picture shows the same block just behind the railroller and it pushes the whole LR3 away from the rail.

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Yeah, the screws go to the onside., the other way to that.