Tube sizes - 25 & 20?

So I’ve been looking high and low and it seems Australia doesn’t do 18mm anything! Conduit, tube, stainless, Ali… Its almost all 16mm or 20mm!

There’s one place not too far away I can get 18mm stainless tube but in 6M lengths. I need maybe 1 metre. Not financially feasable for a one-off build! :frowning:

Has anyone reworked the trucks and centre to allow for a 25mm & 20mm tube version?

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And just like that I think I found a solution…

An aluminium product called telescopic tube. Available locally, cut to size and comes in imperial sizes.

Now I just have to reprint the 6 pieces I’ve already done for the metric version :persevere:


I was just about to say NOOOOOOOOOOO, then I noticed we’re in the zenxy section. :rofl: