Tube length and tool holder for AMB 1050 FME-P (KRESS)

Hi everyone,

Since a year ago I have moved and have more space. Hence I want to upgrade my old MPCNC to the new LowRider V3. Seems like a lot of the electronics can be re-used and some of the hardware which is excellent.

However, I have two initial questions that I have not found any answers to:

  1. My plan is to make this a full sheet machine which seems to require one 2756 mm tube. So far I have only been able to find 2 m tubes in Sweden. I’m guessing it is not recommended to butt joint two tube sections, or does this work? Any other creative solutions?

  2. I have not found anyone using the same spindle (AMB 1050 FME-P) as I use, for the LR3. Does anyone have a finished tool mount for this one, like there is for the MPCNC? Or does anyone know that it will work in theory at least? Any reasons not to use this spindle on the LR3?


Hi Viktor,

I can’t see why you could butt join two pipes. The main issue is making sure that they are co linear and that there is no gap between them.

I would put the join into one of the clamps and have extra clamps close to the join.

You would have to think of a way to keep the join closed.

No idea about your spindle, sorry.


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Thanks Dna, I had the same feeling, but it would be nice if someone has done it and could confirm this.

Now that the LR V3 has been round for a while I’ll bump this to see if anyone has made a 2 m + lowrider with butt jointed tubes.

Also still wondering if anyone has done a AMB 1050 FME-P mount for the lowrider?

Hi all, same here about the tool mount for kress router ! The blank file looks great but I cannot really think of a straightforward way of redoing the whole vacuum adapter part and so on…

To both: what is the diameter of the AMB 1050 FME-P spindle and diameter of the kress router?

The Makita RT0701 router uses a 65mm router mount. If your spindle/router is close, either over or under, there is a good chance a remix of the existing mounts could help. In cases where the diameter is less, then printed spacer rings might be an option.

There is Ryan’s original mix that fits ~48mm OD Vacuum hose…

…And my remix that fits 2.5 inch OD Vacuum hose…

Actually the issue is that the on off button is right where one of the top holder is, and the cooling vents are also blocked by either existing mounts.

I’ve started reworking the blank CAD to accommodate it.

Hi Viktor, I slapped together a quick and dirty mount for the Kress 800 which is pretty similar to the 1050 I reckon (263.7 KB)


Thanks man! I’ll have a look at it to see if it will fit the 1050 :blush::+1:

Does it fit? :smiley:

I’ve got a Kress 800, I’ll be printing this one soon. Thx!
Will the Dust shoe Ryan designed for the Makita still fit?


I’m not seeing where you got an answer to your but-joint question.
My Y is going to have a similar connection to what you are referring to, however it’s also going to have a spline, internally.

Aka: a tight fitting tube, within the two tubes being joined together.
I don’t know that it is needed, but I figured it’s going to make the two pieces, be more like one.

Hope that helps.

Not sure, you can try and tell us, please. :slight_smile: