TTL Laser wiring (post reading the walk-through)

So, I did a bunch of research on this before I got started, I’ve been following the guide to setup my TTL laser and I’m at the point I need to make changes to the firmware, easy enough its just ardiuno but it seems there has been some changes to the firmware sense this guide was written. I tells me to make changes to the pins_RAMPS_13.h file which just includes the pins_RAMPS.h file now. Looking over that file it seems they’ve switched to macro defining all of the pins then using those defines as needed, can I just change

#define RAMPS_D9_PIN 9


#define RAMPS_D9_PIN 44

as the guide suggests to allow for the 0-5v aux ports to be used? or is there something else I should be doing now as this code has changed slightly.

That should be it.

Did you try it?

Not yet, currently working on moving my machine to a more permanent location. I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve done that if it got it going.

Well good news, it worked, bad news, I fried the mega that came with my kit, I luckily had a spare one but very upset by that. Could have been more of a warning on how sensitive the pins are in the aux port, it instantly nuked the 12v regulator in my board. I’m not surprised, just somewhat frustrated.


In any case, laser works now, just need to clean up my work now!

Yea, the magic blue smoke gets out sometimes… ruined my bandgood 3.5w laser diode being lazy… power cord so very faraway…

What happened to it, so I can prevent that from happening to mine, lol