Trunk to trunk by Gritters

A 3d carve made out of American Ash, an offcut from my local timber recyclers. Turns out they have a competition on for stuff made out of offcuts, so this will be my entry :slight_smile:

Finish is Feast Watson Oak and then Feast Watson fine buffing oil.

Carving time was 6-8 hours with 3 bits - 6.35mm endmill and 3.175mm endmill for roughing, and then a 3.175mm ball nose. I still have a lot of challenges with clean 3d carving which Iā€™m going to have to work out with some test carves, but for now its just a lot of sanding to clean it all up.

This is him straight off the machine. Some awful awful gouges due to god knows what in VCarve. Yet more debugging to work out why it thought it was a good idea to crash the bit straight down. Luckily it was all salvageable.


That is pretty awesome. I have yet to do a really big carve but one of these days I will go for it!

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