Triple Blastgate

After Dan helped me fix my belts I was able to cut two parts again (you can still see the parts that don’t exactly fit. I slathered them with glue so they’d be tight) and then also created spacers for the pipes above the blastgate so they wouldn’t tear out of the gate. My first test sucked the acryllic window that I only glued inside into the gate, so I had to add those two 45% walls to hold it in. I additionally added some silicone, because the vacuum still sucks the window back in a bit (you can’t see it, because I took the pictures before). If that does not help, I will have to add a window to the outside as well that I am going to glue/screw if I have to… The upper board of the gate is smaller than the main body, because I was too stupid to enlargen the drawing from 15mm to 18mm thickness and didn’t have more wood to cut it again. So now it’s smaller. Does not change anything, just does not look great. :smiley:

Blast Gate Triple (11.2 KB)

Rohrfü (10.3 KB)


That looks great. Looks like it cleans up a lot of space.

I need to redo my blast gates on my DC. It’s one part of my shop that still needs to be optimized for better flow.

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What size is that ply, holy cow and going rates, you have a gold bar or half a bitcoin there! :slight_smile:


Got a splinter at Lowe’s the other day, they tried to tackle me going out the door for shoplifting!



It was roughly 6€. If I am at our hardware store, I always go through the leftover bin and since the pricing is inconsistent, depending on who put the prices on it, you can sometimes make a good bargain. :smiley:

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