Travel speeds in Estlcam

Hi guys,

I’m quite new to the world of CNC so maybe the answer to this question is easy, but I wasn’t able to find out the solution yet so I’m asking here, hoping to get an answer.
When you set up a 3D printer, it is possible to set different speeds for the travel movements of the print head: when it is actually printing the head goes slowly, and when it travels between two points without printing, the print head moves faster.

I was wondering if such parameters exists in Estlcam. For now, the CNC seems to use the same speed whether it is cutting or just traveling. This is quite annoying given the fact that on some cuts I’v made I had sometimes a lot of travels which were quite a loss of time since the CNC could do them faster than the usual cutting speed.

So does any of you know where I can set up this parameter?
Thanks a lot in advance for your answers.

In Estlcam, Setup, CNC program settings, Coordinates. Down at the bottom there’s Rapid feed XY input 2400, and Rapid feed Z input 500. Make sure both boxed above are checked. Should help you out.

Great, I will try that, thanks!
Does it mean I have to use Estlcam to flash the arduino firmware and control the milling with Estlcam too? I’m used to control the milling via Repetier or directly export the gcode to a SD card so I wonder if this parameter works without flashing the code (I have a few setups in my Marlin software that I’ve customized so I would prefer to keep them).

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Yes, you just use estlcam to create the gcode, then load that into repetier-host to actually run it.

Great, it worked fine!

Another noob question: how do you make a CTRL+Z in Estlcam?
So far I haven’t found how to undo things, which is quite annoying sometimes if you make a wrong move…