Transform primo to clayprinter

Hi again, havent been here for a while and have since then upgraded my machine to a 4x8 extrusion machine. Still have my primo running making engravings once in a while but now I had the idea to modify it to print clay instead and wonder if you guys have any tips? Maybe this should actually be moved to the 3dprinting forum? But in the end its a primo I plan on upgrading so I put it here

I will upgrade the board from the grbl board im running now as I’ll need it to have another motor and also want to run it with marlin as I suspect that would make sense. Maybe something else would make more sense?

Probably will be a skrpro1.2 as they’re readily available here and I already use it on my bigger machine.

Any tips on clay extruder designs that I could look at?

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Sounds like a neat project. Definitely looking to extrude clay, or are you also considering other similar non-Newtonian fluid (viscoplastic?) materials, like concrete? Have seen pumped material, together with cork screw based extrusion used for viscous fliuds e.g.

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Oh this sounds exciting! I had never heard of a clay printer until now and my interest is defiantly piqued.

I have also thought about printing concrete, yeah. I figure it should pretty much be the same process as clay. But time will tell, ill start with clay for sure. A bit worried about the burning times of concrete so will have to do more research before I try that out.

Thats a very smart extrusion, will probably steal that! Saw a similar one but it was with compressed air and seemed a bit messy any annoying haha… that one seems quite straight forward though! Thanks

It is indeed quite interesting and already happening! Mpcnc seems like a really good platform for it aswell!